What is this?

This is the landing page for a set of prompt generators. They are intended for use primarily in fanfiction challenges and memes, but can be used for any purpose or creative activity such as graphics, fanvids, etc., etc., It is possible to get customised versions of these scripts for particular challenges, or indeed for personal use. It is also possible to contribute additional prompts to the lists.

There is also a "child-friendly" version of this website.

Using the Prompt Generators

I maintain a number of lists of prompts allocated to categories - such as AU prompts, angsty prompts, etc., etc., Some of the prompt generators draw their prompts or cards from a fixed set of these categories. Some of the prompt generators will allow you to select which categories you would like included before you generate your prompt or card.

While most of the prompts are intended to give ideas and inspirations, I also maintain lists of characters for some fandoms, so there are also a set of prompts where you can generate a character or pairing to go with your prompt or card or even mix the character and/or pairing prompts into a bingo card.

The complete set of public lists can be found here.

Contributing to the Site

Contributions to these prompt generators are always welcomed, both in terms of new and revised lists of prompts and publicity. Because I offer customised cards on a not-quite-crowdfunding model, offers of new lists and so forth are worth points towards such cards. You can find details of how to contribute to the site and the points system under Support this Site

Similarly if you would like a customised prompt generator for personal use or a meme or challenge then please check out Get a Custom Prompt Generator

Thanks to Elizabeth Barrette for suggesting a investigate running the site using this model. Let's see how it works!